The Tracy Morgan Show
Season One
Tracy Mitchell is the hard-working owner of an auto repair shop, responsible not only for his real family—no-nonsense wife Alicia and their two kids, Derrick and Jimmy—but also his family of misfit mechanics, including Spoon and Bernard, and colorful local customers like Freddie, who's always working some kind of scam. Whether it's trouble with the kids, trouble with his marriage, or trouble on the job, Tracy faces his obligations as husband, father, and boss with equal parts humanity and hilarity. But despite the obligations and obstacles he faces every day—a kid who gets caught stealing, an employee who gets a little too close, or even a customer who tries to pay with meat—Tracy hasn't given up on his lifelong dreams, and with a little luck and a little pluck, they might just yet come true.
Directed by:
Robert Berlinger
Sheldon Epps
Leonard R. Garner Jr.
Gary Halvorson
Gail Mancuso
John Putch
David Schwimmer
Keith Truesdell
Andrew Tsao
Written by:
Tom J. Astle
Anthony Carter
Andy Glickman
Peter Huyck
David Israel
Steve Joe
Bob Kushell
Tracy Morgan
Tamala Jones
Marc John Jefferies
Bobb'e J. Thompson
Katt Williams
John Witherspoon
Heavy D
Guest Star:
Myzel Robinson. Keesha Sharp. Destiny Edmond. Debra Jo Rupp. David A. Kimball. Snoop Dogg. Stevanna. Alex Datcher