Game Over
Season One
Patrick Warburton, Lucy Liu, E.G. Daily, and Rachel Dratch star as the Smashenburns—who happen to be characters in a video game. Dad Rip is a racecar driver, and mom Raquel is a smoking-hot government agent. But once their games are off, they're just a typical flawed, loving parents, trying to deal with all the various obstacles suburban life throws in their path—difficult pets, marital insecurity, the guilt of being working parents... even first-time bra shopping. The Smashenburns' universe may be populated with action heroes, monsters, and off-beat video-game characters, but the issues they face as a family are decidedly out of this world.
Directed by:
John Rice
Written by:
Marcy Carsey
Jeanette Collins
Mimi Friedman
David Goetsch
Gregory Greenberg
David Sacks
Jason Venokur
Ross Venokur
Patrick Warburton (Voice)
Lucy Liu (Voice)
Rachel Dratch (Voice)
Elizabeth Daily (Voice)
Artie Lange (Voice)
Marie Matiko (Voice)
Guest Star:
Jennifer Coolidge
Jessica Glassberg
Barbara Heller
John Michael Higgins
Jan Hooks
Tom Kenny
Danica McKellar
James Arnold Taylor