Season One
Actor/comedian Damon Wayans plays a clever undercover cop and ladies man who, with the ease of a chameleon, disguises himself as an assortment of characters in his quest to clean up the streets of Chicago. David Alan Grier plays Bernard, his recently separated, overly zealous, rent-a-cop brother who moves in with him and wreaks havoc on his home life. Not that things are always ideal at work— Damon's gorgeous partner won't date cops, his hard-as-nails Captain is looking for dating advice, and his hypochondriac colleague is torturing everyone with graphic descriptions of his imagined ailments. Alongside a colorful cast of cops, cons, and cuties who constantly keep Damon on his toes—and a couch-surfing brother longing to do real police work—Damon allows one of the hardest-working guys in show business to crack us up as one of Chicago's hardest-working cops.
Directed by:
John Whitesell
Written by:
Damon Wayans
Leo Benvenuti
Steve Rudnick
Damon Wayans
David Alan Grier
Andrea Martin
Melissa De Sousa
Dom Irrera
Julio Oscar Mechoso
Greg Pitts
Veronica Webb
Devon Alan