Normal Ohio
Season One
Butch Gamble is moving back to a small town in Ohio from Los Angeles. While "going home again" isn't easy in the best of circumstances, Butch has an even bigger burden to bear: he's gay, and not everyone in his life is ready to accept him with open arms. For starters, his parents are ashamed, his son is resentful, and his nephew is nervous it might be hereditary. But Butch moves in with his supportive sister, determined to win his family back while still being true to himself. The road to familial harmony is a bumpy one—there are siblings to satisfy, parents to please and ex-wives to appease (not to mention homophobia to combat), but anchored by John Goodman's performance as the all-too-human Butch, Normal, Ohio is able to explore with warmth, humor and candor what it means to be part of a family, even if your lifestyle isn't necessarily considered by them to be all that "normal."
Directed by:
Philip Charles MacKenzie
David Trainer
Written by:
Bob Kushell
Bonnie Turner
Terry Turner
John Schwab
Bob Nickman
John Goodman
Joely Fisher
Anita Gillette
Orson Bean
Mo Gaffney
Charles Rocket