Season One
Carrie Donovan and her friends—free-spirited Shannon and straight-laced Denise—work at a diner together in Gloucester, MA (where "everything smells like fish"), as they struggle with the frustrations of having big dreams in a small town. As the season begins, a series of minor setbacks disrupt Denise and Ryan's wedding plans, Shannon becomes convinced she's dated every available man in town, and Carrie decides it's time to move out of her mother's house. Carrie has ambivalent feelings about her friend Kurt, who is pining away for her, while Shannon is ostracized when her affair with a married radio personality doesn't fly with locals. Denise and Ryan panic when their baby tests extremely high for aggression, and their Thanksgiving gathering is plagued by a cornucopia of mishaps. Carrie has to deal with her first Christmas without her family, and a love life stuck in neutral. When Carrie finally starts dating someone new, it puts a strain on her friends and causes Kurt to act out. Denise, meanwhile, is exhausted from working and taking care of her family and decides that something needs to change.
Directed by:
Pamela Fryman
Written by:
Linwood Boomer
Matthew Carlson
Jill Condon
Robert Hanning
Jordan Hawley
Laurie Parres
Bruce Rasmussen
William Schifrin
Amy Toomin Straus
Molly Ringwald
Jenna Elfman
Lauren Graham
Dion Anderson
Billy Burr
Conchata Ferrell
Lee Garlington
Ron Livingston
Joseph D. Reitman
Guest Star:
Jeff Doucette
Eric McCormack
David Cromwell
Heather Matarazzo
Nancy Lenehan
Elaine Kagan
Carole Goldman
Furley Lumpkin