Frannies Turn
Season One
Miriam Margolyes plays Frannie Escobar, a Staten Island seamstress and homemaker whose life is making her crazy: her son is dim-witted, her daughter is headstrong, her live-in mother-in-law is decidedly eccentric, her prima donna boss is pushy, and she fights with her cranky, chauvinistic Cuban-American husband over everything—including, quite literally, the kitchen sink. So Frannie evaluates her life and rightly decides that something's gotta give; she loves her family and her work, but it's her turn to demand a little well-earned respect. In a house where the sexes battle, the cultures clash and the generation gap is unbridged, life is lively, unpredictable and always entertaining—because Frannie and her sometimes fractious family cope with the ups-and-downs of everyday life with laughter, wisdom, and plenty of heart.
Directed by:
Sam Weisman
Written by:
Chuck Lorre
Miriam Margolyes
Tomas Milian
Phoebe Augustine
Stivi Paskoski
Alice Drummond
Taylor Negron
LaTanya Richardson