Oh Madeline
Season One
After 10 years of marriage, suburban wife Madeline Wayne is bored with her sedate, predictable, middle-class life. Unwilling to take her mid-life crisis lying down, Madeline decides to entertain herself with every trendy diversion that comes down the pike—from pottery classes, to writers' retreats, to canoe trips, to male strip clubs. Caught in the wake of Madeline's existential expedition are her sweet-but-square husband Charlie, who writes steamy romance novels under a female pseudonym; her timid best friend Doris, who's divorced from a middle-aged swinger named Bob; and her new friend Annie, who might just have the hots for hubby. What follows is a non-stop stream of marital misunderstandings and sublime slapstick as the irrepressible Madeline—gamely trying to balance family with her newfound freedom—gets a little more excitement than she bargained for!
Directed by:
J.D. Lobue
Written by:
Cindy Begel
Irma Kalish
Lesa Kite
Neal Marlens
Madeline Kahn
James Sloyan
Louis Giambalvo
Jesse Welles
Francine Tacker