Chicken Soup
Season One
Jackie Fisher is short, older, and a lifelong bachelor; Maddie Peerce is a tall, younger widow with three children. Oh, and he's Jewish, while she's Irish Catholic. If that's not enough to derail their fledgling relationship, just wait until their families get involved. The people in their lives may think they're doomed, but these two friends and colleagues are determined to make their romance work, despite their differences. It isn't easy—there are meddling moms and bigoted brothers, mishaps and misunderstandings. But there is also patience, understanding, and love—the perfect ingredients to combat an inconvenient culture clash. Beloved performers Jackie Mason and Lynn Redgrave star in this heartwarming and hilarious sitcom of delightfully opposite attraction. It's chicken soup for the comedic soul.
Directed by:
Terry Hughes
Alan Rafkin
Written by:
Paul Perlove
Jackie Mason
Lynn Redgrave
Johnny Pinto
Kathryn Erbe
Brandon Maggart
Cathy Lind Hayes
Guest Star:
Wayne Pére