Good Girls Don't
Season One
A subversive look at twentysomething life, the taboo-busting Good Girls Don't takes a hilariously uncompromising and irreverent look at five flawed friends navigating the tricky waters of young adulthood. Marjorie, Lizzie, Jane, Ben and Davis are Los Angelenos struggling to live life on their own terms—with decidedly mixed results. Whether it's crashing a 12-step meeting to meet a celebrity, attending an S&M club to spice up their lives, or even shooting a sex video to raise much-needed funds, this gang will go to just about any length to find love, happiness... or even just a promising hook-up. The dirty little secret of Good Girls Don't, is that good girls sometimes do... and they do with riotous results.
Directed by:
Timothy Busfield
Written by:
Nancy Cohen
Emily Cutler
Claudia Lonow
Bree Turner
Joy Gohring
Kevin Christy
Brent King
Nichole Hiltz