The Scholar
Season One
This one-hour unscripted competition series sent one of America's best and brightest high school students—who might not otherwise have had the opportunity—to a top-rated university of their choice, all expenses paid, a prize valued at $250,000. Ten qualified high school seniors had to demonstrate excellence in the areas of academics, leadership, creativity and community service, while facing sudden-death oral exams, and defending themselves to an Ivy League scholarship committee. Topics of quizzes included space and art history, literature, and U.S. geography, and there were even competitions involving filmmaking and school spirit. Filmed on location at the University of Southern California, The Scholar was first show ever to celebrate higher education as the ultimate American prize.
Directed by:
Robert Sizemore
Written by:
Catherine Myers
Rob Nelson
D.C. Douglas
Shawn Abbott
Peter Johnson
Marquesa Lawrence